Torchwood’s John Barrowman Admits That His Hair ‘Is Actually Completely White!’

John Barrowman might be a heartthrob for loads of fans out there, but the Scottish-American actor has recently revealed that he is actually completely white haired!

The Doctor Who actor revealed this fact whilst making an appearance on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch. The musical star showed the TV show’s presenters, Simon Rimmer and Tim Lovejoy, a little patch of snow white hair and told them that he has to dye it brown every two weeks.

Barrowman, who famously plays Captain Jack Harkness, then went on to say “I want to shave it down to the roots and see what happens”.

When asked why he doesn’t leave it white, the sexy actor replied that his partner is not a fan. “Scott doesn’t like it grey,” the Torchwood star admitted. “I know I’m good-looking but I’m not egotistical”.

John Barrowman admits that he actually has white hair! (Credit: WENN)

John Barrowman was recently upset to learn that he would not be featuring in the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special after initially believing he had a part.

The Delovely actor told This Morning a few weeks ago that he had a role in the special show explaining “I haven’t had any information up until just about right now – and all I can say to you is that we’re discussing things… that’s a total exclusive! You guys are the first to ever hear it.

“Even yesterday I was giving interviews and I was saying I have heard nothing, and now I can give you a little bit of an exclusive. I’ve heard something!”

A few days later however things changed and Barrowman released a tweet saying “I will not be involved in the 50th Anniversary Episode of Dr WHO. JB.”

David Tennant and Billie Piper will be appearing in the 50th anniversary special.

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