Tom Hardy Driving Charlize Theron Crazy With ‘Weirdo’ Behaviour On Set Of Mad Max: Fury Road

Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron are not meshing as well as movie directors would have hoped on set of their new movie ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’, according to a new report.

Sources have reportedly claimed that Charlize thinks that the Britsish actor is plain “weird” and is struggling to find a bond with the star because of his unusual behaviour.

“Charlize and Tom are just not getting on together,” a source revealed to

Adding: “Professionally, they are doing a wonderful job, but in-between takes Tom likes to stay in character and is constantly talking to himself and mumbling things.”

It seems Tom’s refusal to step out of character is driving the blonde beauty up the wall as she can’t understand why the ‘Dark Knight’ star can’t switch his character off once the cameras stop rolling.

“Charlize has tried to talk to him during breaks in filming but he shuts himself off from the rest of the cast.”

“…He prefers to isolate himself and Charlize thinks he’s a weirdo! But I don’t think that bothers him, he just does his own thing,” the source added.

Why Tom would distance himself from gorgeous Charlize is beyond crazy!