Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch ‘Understands Why People Are Obsessed’ With His Personal Life

Since becoming a hit on Sherlock and signing up for Star Trek Into Darkness, Benedict Cumberbatch has also become a hit with fans and whilst the actor has previously joked about not understanding his sex symbol status, he has admitted that he “understands why people are obsessed” with his personal life.

Speaking to HuffPostUK, the actor, who has been spotted back on the set of Sherlock filming the new series, confessed that whilst he is not a fan of the media intrusion, he’s aware that it comes with the territory. He said:

“It will bring a new level of scrutiny, investigation into the personal or private, which I’m getting used to. It’s not all roses, but it’s ok. It would be churlish to say I wasn’t aware of the reality of it, but there are ways of sidestepping not courting it. I’m interested in it being about the work, but I understand why people are obsessed with the personal as well.

“It doesn’t mean you like it. You lose control over privacy. You can’t control perceptions any more.”

The actor, who appears to be the man of the moment also confessed to his fear of being “overexposed”. Commenting on his current work status, the actor said: “The only thing I fear is overexposure as a human being. I’m fine at the moment. I have enough resources to keep working, though everyone has their limits, and I’ve really enjoyed the variety and volume of work over the last couple of years.”

The actor even insisted in an interview with Time Out magazine that he will remain grounded no matter how famous he becomes.

He said: “Everyone’s saying that … ‘It’s going to go to another level’, ‘Benedict blasts off’, ‘It’s going into warp drive’, and all those terrible puns!”

“But I go, ‘Well, yeah, I know James McAvoy, and he’s OK. Michael Fassbender, I know a little bit, and he’s doing fine.’ It’s possible to remain grounded.”