Russell Brand Spotted Getting Cosy With Brad Pitt’s Ex, Hollywood Wild Child Juliette Lewis

He was spotted getting cosy with a string of ladies in 2012 and it looks like Russell Brand, who split from wife Katy Perry in December 2011, is carrying on in 2013 as the notorious lothario has been spotted cosying up to actress Juliettte Lewis.

The actress turned rocker was spotted laughing and joking with the comedian after a yoga class together, where Russ has met more than one or two of his dates in the last 12 months.

In snaps of the dressed down pair, rocker Lewis cuddles the 37-year-old as he sips a smoothie. While they could be just friends who enjoy being extra bendy, we think Brad Pitt’s wild ex could be the perfect match for the equally crazy Brand.

The ‘Natural Born Killers’ star has been a Hollywood

Speaking to The Guardian in 2009, the brunette admitted she loves rock stars: “I think rock’n’roll is extremely sexy and alive, and you have these idiot guys who might project a view on you, like I’m a hot or whatever girl.”

But could she take on Russ? According to Juliette she maybe more of a challenge.

She added: “I’m actually very moral and nurturing, but I’m also adventurous. I am challenging. “On stage the pixie circus performer you see is not a coy little kitten. I love projecting a female form of strength and vitality … In fact, I have a friend who calls me Cheetah.”