Robert Pattinson: ‘You Can’t Trust Anyone’

Robert Pattinson: 'You Can’t Trust Anyone'


Just days before news of Kristen Stewart’s affair with Rupert Sanders, the married director of ‘Snow White And The Huntsman’, made headlines, her boyfriend Robert Pattinson revealed how difficult it is to deal with the celebrity age of camera phones and TMZ

Robert Pattinson gave a naive and open interview on July 16th, during which he spoke about the pressure of fame.

And, in an off-hand comment, he also revealed that the presence of camera phones has forced celebrities to be ultra careful about their behaviour in public.

We imagine Kristen Stewart knows a thing about that NOW, after leaked photos of her scandalous affair with Ruper Sanders hit the press.

During a press day for his upcoming flick ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 2’, Robert Pattinson admitted (in an oddly prophetic manner) that he wished he’d been an actor in the days before the internet:

“I wish this (Twilight) had happened 12 years ago, before ­camera phones and website TMZ. Then it would have been amazing.”

“Being a successful actor… if you just had the good side of fame it would have been unbelievable.”

“Now actors are the most ­conservative people in the world because you can’t do anything. ­Literally… you can’t do anything at all. You can’t trust anyone because it all becomes part of your career.”

Well said RPattz – if only K.Stew had thought about that before snogging her married director in public, eh?

Kristen Stewart has since made a VERY public apology to Rob (which, considering his feelings about the press, seems a little foolish!) but he has refused to forgive her… yet.

At the moment, the ‘Cosmopolis’ star is rumoured to be hiding out in the home of his good friend Reese Witherspoon.

We know that Rob will have to come out in pubic again soon, to promote his new movies, but fingers crossed the press give him an easy ride… he’s had quite a rough old time of it really.