Robert Pattinson Slams Kristen Stewart’s Public Apology As ‘Completely Unacceptable’

Robert Pattinson has cut off all contact with Kristen Stewart following her “unacceptable” public apology for her affair with Rupert Sanders…

As we all now know, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s relationship has been shattered following the shocking revelation that Kristen was cheating on RPattz with the married director of ‘Snow White And The Huntsman’.

The ‘Twilight’ duo have always been very private about their relationship, never officially confirming it to the press, so Rob was understandably shocked when Kristen used her infidelity as an excuse to reveal her relationship with the ‘Water For Elephants’ hunk.

A source close to Robert Pattinson has been quoted over at Perez Hilton, stating that Rob was “horrified” by the public apology:

“[Rob] was horrified that she issued a public apology to him. It was even more surprising because the two of them had this very specific personal agreement about not ‘going public’ with their relationship, until they both agreed it was the right time.”

“To do it this way — apologizing for cheating on him — ended up being totally unacceptable.”

 Poor Rob.

The source also went on to explain that Rob’s pride, as well as the huge stock he places in faithfulness, will make it difficult for him to forgive Kristen:

“He is still in total shock, but Rob is a very, very proud man. And Kristen knew how he feels about remaining faithful, loyalty and commitment.”

We wonder if the pair will be able to fight the curse of 2012 and keep their relationship together…