Rihanna So Drunk She Missed Flight Out Of London

We all know Rihanna loves to party, but the star hit London so hard this weekend that she ended up missing her flight back to the States.

The ‘Rude Boy’ star was in London to support Jay-Z and Kanye West as they began their ‘Watch The Throne’ tour and in proper RiRi style partied into the night.

Clearly she had a pretty sorehead on Sunday morning as told her Twitter followers that she was still drunk and had no idea what had happened the night before.

“U know life is great when u wake up at 9 am DRUNK!!!!! #London,” she tweeted on Sunday morning.

“You know it was a good night when u wake up n run to your BFF’s room like… How did I get in my bed? Did I walk? Stumble? Get carried?”

Rihanna had joined Rita Ora, Stella McCartney and Gwyneth Paltrow as the partied in London’s Soho after Saturday night’s gig and was still too drunk to catch her flight the next day.

Luckily she has friends in high places as her mentor Jay-Z gave her a duvet day to recover.

“So ummm…. I’m supposed to be on a plane rt now! #r,” she Tweeted.

“JayZ saved me!!!!! I got an extra day off sorry @HiHatprod,” she added.

We don’t think Riri will be giving up her partying anytime soon though as she went out on Sunday night without drinking.

“Interesting night! Sober and tired and bored” she tweeted.

She’ll be back on the booze soon!