Pregnancy Rumours Surround Jennifer Aniston As Actress Pulls Out Of TWO Film Projects

Jennifer Aniston has been surrounded by pregnancy rumours ever since she and Justin Theroux announced their engagement, so it makes sense that, as they gear up to walk down the aisle, whispers of a baby bump have again begun to make headlines.

According to sources at Grazia magazine, Jennifer Aniston added fuel to the fire surrounding her rumoured “baby bump” at her own engagement party, when she avoided the custom-made margaritas and sushi dishes served at her own intimate engagement party.

“They had a margarita bar, but she didn’t go near it, opting for water instead.”

“It was so unlike her and didn’t go unnoticed. She was also picky with what she ate, and didn’t touch the huge sushi platter, which is one of her favourite foods.”

Avoiding water and raw fish is often considered a tell-tale sign of a celebrity pregnancy – just look at Kate Middleton if you don’t believe us – but it was only when separate sources revealed Jen had cleared her work schedule that we began to consider these rumours could be true.

Last month, she pulled out of upcoming film ‘Getting Rid Of Matthew’ and it has now been reported that Jennifer’s also quit ‘Miss You Already’, which she was due to film in London. While some might suggest Jen simply wants a break to focus on her upcoming nuptials, there’s also the fact that she’s been spotted out in an oversized coat – pregnant much, are we Jen?

Biting sarcasm aside, it wouldn’t be the first time a Hollywood star has tried to keep their pregnancy under wraps – just look at Reese Witherspoon and Adele, for starters.

But, on the whole, we’re happy to wait until Jennifer Aniston herself announces her pregnancy, as and when it happens. In the meantime, we wish her and fiance Justin Theroux all the best in planning their wedding!



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