POLL: Is Taylor Lautner The Best Werewolf Of All Time?

Taylor Lautner has recently admitted he was afraid to be typecasted after playing werewolf Jacob Black in Twilight. But what is so wrong with being typecasted as a werewolf?

Fair enough, they’re a little hairy but we’d be lying to ourselves if we said we hadn’t thought that werewolves are in fact pretty sexy. So when looking back at some of the werewolves that have been thrown at us over the last few years, we can’t really complain. Nice, mean, good-looking, not-so-good-looking, yes we had them all.

But which one is in fact the best one? Of course high in the list is Lautner’s Twilight character Jacob, but we’re not sure he is a ‘real’ werewolf. Not only can he control his shifting, which defeats the purpose of a werewolf, but on top of that he seems to only do it when his love interest Bella is in danger.

Now True Blood‘s Joe Manganiello on the other hand does have all the qualities to make a great werewolf. Not as violent as Benicio Del Toro’s beast in Wolfman, he has the perfect balance between man and animal.