PHOTO: One Direction’s Zayn Malik Shows Off His New Tattoo

One Direction’s Zayn Malik has unveiled a brand-new tattoo to his growing collection of body art – and this one definitely feels a little darker than his previous inkings.

Zayn popped down to Bob Done’s studio, Magnum Opus, in Brighton to have the new tattoo done on his left shoulder – and it features a skull, in a top hat, with HORNS, smoking a cigar.

To us, it looks a little bit like Voodoo Loa Baron Samedi, traditionally representative of disruption, obscenity, debauchery, sex and resurrection. The Haitian figure famously has a taste for tobacco, rum and top hats – not to mention the land of the dead.

Check it out in Bob Done’s proud Twitter post below…


We wonder what it was about Baron Saturday that inspired Zayn Malik to have him tattooed onto his shoulder?

This is the NINTH tattoo Zayn Malik has had done over the last few years; his body art collection includes a microphone, a playing card, a Yin Yang symbol and a pair of crossed fingers.

We wonder whether this marks the last of Zayn Malik’s tattoos?