Oasis’ Noel Gallagher ‘Blames Himself’ For ‘Ruining The Dance Music Scene’

Not too many people in our eyes would associate Oasis with your stereotypical ‘dance music’, but it seems like ex-band member Noel Gallagher does and has even gone as far as to make a ‘public apology’ for ‘ruining the dance music scene’.

The High Flying Birds star has spoken out about his realisation, saying that in his mind, Oasis’ success ‘brought the end to ‘dance music’.

The star also added that the reasoning hit home after an all-night session at Coachella Festival in the US earlier this year, when he came to the conclusion that the rise of Oasis led to the rise of other guitar bands, eventually leading to the demise of the dance scene. Uh-ohh!

“We were up till seven o’clock in the morning, listening to those classic house tunes, going, ‘Why did music have to change? Why couldn’t it have stayed like this?’ Then someone said, It’s because of you! And I was, ‘Yeah, sorry about that’,” says Noel in an exclusive interview with Q Magazine.

Noel G admits that he ‘still loves a good dance track’ (Photo: WENN)

However, the ‘Wonderwall’ singer insists that he still loves a good dance track and especially loves the classic music that remains today, believing that his most popular solo hit, titled ‘AKA…What A Life!’ is perfect for the modern day club scene, especially Manchester’s ‘the Hacienda!’

Adding, “It’s taken me 20 years to write a song which could’ve actually been played in the Hacienda!”

Hmmm, what do we think Entertainmentwise readers? Did Oasis play a part in the demise of dance music?

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