McFly Talk To Us About Touring, Fans And Super Powers!

McFly’s new single, Party Girl is out this week and sees Danny, Tom, Harry and Dougie go off in a completely new direction.

We’re huge fans and took the opportunity to talk to the boys about the album, touring and their exciting new Supersite.

So Party Girl marks a new direction for McFly. What’s the reaction been like?
Tom: “It was one of those reactions where they didn’t expect it but they loved it. People are shocked by the change of direction but we’re lucky to have such loyal fans who are just excited to see what we’re going to do.”

“You always get that new album anxiety, anxious/excited mix but we’ve been working on it for nearly 2 years now and we’re used to it. But it must be a bit of a shock for fans.”

So what is the Party Girl vampire trailer all about?
Tom: “We saw it the same time as the fans which was quite fun. It’s from a 30 minute movie that we’ve done. We decided that we really wanted to push every aspect of McFly to a new level. So rather than making your standard three minute music video we decided to make a 30 minute short.”

Harry: “When we first got it, it was a really exciting script. It’s not a Hollywood blockbuster but we did the best we could.”

Tom: “We just thought it would be fun to do something different.”

What was it like having the main part Harry?
Harry: “It was good! I really enjoyed it all but the vampire bits the most. It was the easy bit to act as you just had to be a bit of a psycho! The fangs and the blood really got you into it.”

Tom: “We’ll release little bits of it but then hopefully the whole thing will go on the super site.”

Ah yes, the super site. Can you tell us what that’s all about?
Tom: “It will go live in October. We’re making a proper announcement where we’ll explain exactly what it is and why we want our fans to join us on it.”

Harry: “It’s very exciting. We can’t guess how it is going to go but we’ve been planning it for 18 months. We’re prepared. Once some fans experience it and get involved it will be awesome.

Tom: “It’s genuinely built just for our fans.

“They’ll gain access to our music and to us. You don’t get that with any other band.

“We’ve got McFly TV, a guy filming everything we do. We’ll constantly update it with amazing content for the fans.

“We want to bring fans into the whole creative process of McFly. It’s not just the four of us in the band anymore, it’s all our fans who’ve been with us for a long time now. Everything we do, we do it for them. We want to get them involved with the decision making.”

So, each of you has your own room on the supersite?
Dougie: “Yes, we’ve got our own features. Every room is different.”

Tom: “(Jokes) My whole room is the best bit of the site. We’ve even picked our own music for the rooms.”

Dougie: “It’s not McFly music, it’s atmospheric, epic movie stuff.”

Tom: “It creates an atmosphere as you’re navigating around the site.”

Your new image is based on the idea of superheroes. If you could have any super power, what would it be?
Tom: “I would have the ability to travel through time.”

Danny: “I’d love to have the ability to be a footballer as well as a pop star. To sign for any team!”

Dougie: “I’d like the ability to be able to morph into any animal.”

Harry: “I think I’d be invisible. If you could fly you’d get too much attention.”

So you’ve got new material now. Do you hope it will gain you some new fans too?
Tom: “With every album you hope that, but our first priority is that our fans will love it. But the new stuff has got a good reaction from people that haven’t been fans before, saying ‘you’ve really got it right this time, it’s awesome’.

“You don’t really go into the recording process hoping that, you just do it for yourself.”

Harry: “If it does that then great. It is certainly a new sound and direction so I think it will appeal to different people and hopefully old fans too.”

Are you worried about putting it out there?
Danny: “No. You almost want to get it out there and say, look what I’ve been doing. It’s like a big ball of excitement.”

Do you guys have plans to tour your new stuff next year?
Tom: “We’re doing quite a few dates around the country in the build up to the album and Christmas and then a UK tour next year.”

Will it be a goodbye to your old material or will you still play some McFly classics? Tom: “We’ll always play old stuff. We enjoy playing our old stuff. This is just a new direction for us.”

Danny: “All the old stuff has been a part of the band for so long that it will never go away.

“We’ll do the old stuff in different way. We’ve done 5 Colours in a cool medley. It would be cool to look at some of the other old stuff and do that to it. Make it different.”

What is touring with McFly like?
Danny: “It’s awesome. It’s like being on holiday.”

Dougie: “It’s very chilled. In a big bus.”

Danny: “It’s an amazing feeling that people come out and see us every night.”

Does anyone have any bad tour bus habits?
Dougie: “No. Even farting and stuff is quite funny.”

Harry: “We’re relatively laid back. We’ll sit and watch a film and play X Box.”

Danny: “On the last UK tour we got addicted to Fifa. It got to the point where it would spoil a show.”

Tom: “Yeah, you’d be halfway through a song thinking ‘I’ve got to beat them tonight.’”

We leave the boys arguing over who has the best super power and look forward to getting our hands on a supersite subscription. Come on, the chance to look around the boy’s bedrooms? We’re all over that!