Louis Tomlinson Admits Using Girlfriend Eleanor Calder To Approve One Direction’s New Music

Louis Tomlinson may be in one of the hottest boy bands but he still needs the approval of his girlfriend Eleanor Calder, admitting that he often sends her One Direction’s songs to preview and give the thumbs up.

The 21-year-old singer and his bandmates, who won Song of the Summer for ‘Best Song Ever’ at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, have spent much of this year recording their third studio album while travelling the world on their ‘Take Me Home’ tour.

While the boys undoubtedly work hard on their records, it would seem that some of the credit should lie with Louis’ girlfriend Eleanor who reportedly gives her seal of approval for some of the tracks.

“I’m always showing Eleanor our new songs and I’m always proud of saying, ‘We wrote this,’” Louis told the Metro.

Revealing more about the sound of the band’s next album, which is due out around Christmas, Louis added: “It is a bit risky. It’s an implied risk. We’ve thought about it.”

Liam chimed in: “It is old-school, actually, and I like that. It’s grungier. Not like Nirvana – more like a 1960s kind of sound.”

Admitting that he’s glad to try a new sound other than commercial pop, Zayn said: “I think we’ve kind of taken away the glitter of our music. It’s got that groovy kind of feel to it. And it’s not as poppy.”

Liam added: “We’re so involved. We’ve all done writing. It’s our take on things and we’re old enough to do what we want now.”