Lindsay Lohan’s Glee Appearance Slammed By Show’s Fans

Lindsay Lohan’s cameo appearance on Glee has been slammed by the show’s viewers.

The star was seen poking fun out of herself last night by saying: “What, this thing isn’t even televised? I’m in full image re-branding mode here, people. I show up here and there isn’t even a red button I can push and a chair that can spin me around where I can then point at a kid onstage and say, ‘I want to work with you’, I’m seriously firing my manager”

However, it appears as though her funny comments weren’t enough as the actress, who was joined by celebrity blogger Perez Hilton and Entourage’s Rex Lee, failed to impress gleeks who tuned into the episode last night.

Claiming that last night’s episode which featured Lindsay as a judge on the National Show Choir Competitions panel, was the “worst thing” he had seen, one Twitter user said: “Lindsay Lohan & Perez Hilton on #Glee was possibly the worst thing I’ve ever seen on television. Holy sh%t that was bad.”

Another added: “I’m sorry, but Lindsay Lohan & Perez Hilton’s acting is so bad in this episode.”

“I was thinking maybe Glee was good again, the Lindsay Lohan showed up”, tweeted another disgruntled viewer.

However, it appears as though not everyone disliked Lindsay’s cameo on the show, as one Twitter user praised the star for playing herself on the show. They said: “Loved Lindsay Lohan in Glee. She’s good at playing herself.”

Believing that Lindsay should come back to comedy, one Twitter user wrote: “Lindsay Lohan was actually pretty good on glee. She should really come back to comedy.”

The star also received mixed reviews from TV critics, with The Washington Post’s Jen Chaney saying: “Honestly, I spent more minutes reading about how Lohan allegedly showed up late to the Glee set than I did actually watching her on Glee. Her image probably hasn’t been rebranded, but it also hasn’t been tarnished either. So … mission accomplished?”

Did you watch the episode? What did you think?