Linda Barker And Anthony Ogogo Gain Places In The ‘Splash’ Semi-Final

Linda Barker And Anthony Ogogo Gain Places In The 'Splash' Semi-Final

Photo: WENN

It’s that time of the week again – Splash time! And five more celebrities took the challenge to impress a live audience with a rehearsed dive taught by none other than Olympic medal winning Tom Daley. They battled it out to gain the last two places in the semi-final.

Their dives – as usual – were judged by Olympic silver medallist Leon Taylor, comedienne Jo Brand and Team GB coach Andy Banks.

First to take to the diving board was Linda Barker. She decided to plunge from the 7.5 metre board and did a tuck dive. Before the dive, she said: “It’s a scary board to go from but I just kept going up and up and I’ve got to give the guys a run for their money. I am black and blue – It’s hard work.”

After the dive, judge Andy said: “We are looking for the last two places and it would be fantastic to have another girl in there. The control was great and you nailed the finish.” Jo said: “That was beautifully executed.” The judges scored her a high 25.5 points out of a maximum of 30.

Next to take to the platform was comedian Dom Joly. He did a swan dive. Before the dive he said: “My head is in a strange place. Would you like to dive with me?”

Following the dive, Jo said: “Well, I know what it feels like to be up there. I called Omid a domestic turkey. You were an Emperor Penguin” Meanwhile Leon said: “You launched yourself up in the air, unfortunately but it was from the 10 metre, so well done.” The judges scored him with 20 points.

Third to take to the diving board was presenter Donna Air. The blonde beauty did a forward pike fall from the five metre board. Before the dive, she said: “Having my daughter here is a real comfort for me. I’ll have a little Tom on one shoulder and her on the other.”

After the dive, judge Leon said: “Below all that fear I can see you have some good diving skills. You did lose your legs a little bit which will cost you slightly but you still did it on this live show, well done.” Jo said: “That was brave, well done.”

While Andy said: “You’ve got a great shape and a great line but the nerves took over. I do still think your daughter can be proud of mummy!” Donna scored a 17 out of 30.

Shameless actress Tina Malone was next to perform in tonight’s show. She did a forward pike fall from the 3 metre board. Before the dive, she said: “I finished panto last summer, hung up my extensions Thursday and I’m gonna give it as good as I can.”

Following her dive, judge Jo said: “I saw the fear and you know that exercise releases endorphins, but so does chocolate. You went for it and it looked good for me, congratulations. Andy said: “I thought it would be pants but it wasn’t. Your body tension was absolutely fantastic. It was easy, but you did it – well done!”

The judges scored Tina a respectable 13 out of 30.

Last to dive was Olympic boxing medallist Anthony Ogogo to compete for a place in the semi-final. He did a falling backward somersault off of the 7.5 metre board.

Before the dive, he said: “I am absolutely petrified. The thing about boxing you can punch them back but diving you can’t fight the water. Dom is brilliant, everyone’s done well but hopefully I’ll pull it out the bag!”

After Anthony’s dive, judge Andy said: “7.5 metre tick, somersault tick, but that puts you in the brave category. It was quite a good job but should’ve been more difficult.” Leon said: “I was expecting a little more. For me you wimped out by going in feet first. It was relatively good control, but was it Olympic standard for me? I want more. You have more to offer.”

Jo finished by saying: “It was dangerous but it was brave!” Anthony scored 22 out of 30.

But it soon got down to the nitty-gritty of voting! First to be put through to the semi-final was Anthony. This left the two divers Linda and Tina to take part in the ‘Splash off’ with the hope of impressing the judges to gain that all important final place in the semi-final.

On getting through, Anthony said: “I’m chuffed to bits but I feel I’ve robbed Linda. I’ve now got to impress the judges. Thank you.”

Linda was then chosen by the judges to go through!

Will you be tuning in next week for the semi-final? Who do you want to win Splash?