Leonardo DiCaprio Admits He Probably Won’t Get Married

Leonardo DiCaprio has revealed that his ideal woman would be like his mother.

The actor, who plays J. Edgar Hoover in the new biopic who had a domineering mother, has admitted that his own mother is the most important thing in his life and when he dates – he is looking for similar qualities.

Leo, who has dated a string of beautiful women including Gisele and more recently Blake lively, always compares them to his mum Irmelin.

“My mother is the centre of my life. To have a woman like that in your life, who is strong, who’ll be honest with you about who you are… that’s something I treasure. And it’s something I look for in a woman,” he explained.

At the moment Erin Heatherton is the lady who is keeping Leo’s bed warm – let’s see if she passes the test! But she probably shouldn’t pin her hopes on getting the ‘Titanic’ down the aisle because he’s not sure about getting married.

“I don’t know whether I’ll ever get married. I’ve seen too many supposedly happy marriages go down. I’ve been as shocked as anyone,” he told the Daily Express.

“No one can look at the marriages of other people and make a judgment. I don’t know the private lives of the actors I work with. I just know if they are good actors or good directors.”