Katy Perry Rejects Ex-Husband Russell Brand

Katy Perry has reportedly rejected her ex-husband Russell Brand’s request to be edited out of her upcoming movie ‘Part Of Me’.

The ‘California Gurls’ has wanted to show her true colours in the documentary, including her break-up with Russell but he’s asked not to be featured in it.

Russell is “more than a little nervous” about featuring in it, reports the Chicago Sun-Times,and asked that she deletes any footage that was shot while they were married should not be included.

According to the reports, the request was denied. It’s unlikely that any legal challenges would be granted in Russell’s favour as he agreed to appear in it in the first instance, before they broke up, obviously. It’s not that the footage would be too painful for him to watch them together, it’s more that it might damage his public persona.

He’s “worried that some of his more caustic rants may come off as making him look bad.” Katy’s new movie will show her growth from a gospel singer under the name of ‘Katy Hudson’ into the international (and sometimes slutty) star that she is today.

Early reports have suggested that Katy can be seen trying to resolve her problems in her marriage, which ended last year when the British comedian filed for divorce in September.

Katy & Russell During Happier Times…