Katy Perry And John Mayer ‘Are Hooking Up’

Just having recovered from a public split and finalizing her divorce, Katy Perry is moving on to Hollywood heart breaker John Mayer.

According to various online reports, the singers were seen getting cozy showing affection with handholding and cuddling at the Soho House on July 19. By the looks of their coddling, Perry and Mayer reportedly seemed very into each other.

It could have been harmless flirting, but considering Mayer’s record with women in Hollywood – he’s broken the hearts of Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson and Taylor Swift – he could possibly be trouble for the new divorcée.

Perry’s ex-husband, Russell Brand, is currently dating Isabella Brewster – her sister is Fast Five actress, Jordanna Brewster – and they have been photographed in the past weeks together.