Katie Holmes Fears Being Followed After Announcing Tom Cruise Split

Katie Holmes allegedly called the police after being followed for days before she filed for divorce from husband of five years Tom Cruise.

The star was said to be so spooked by the vehicles tailing her around New York that she reported them to police. The star announced that she had split from the ‘Mission Impossible’ star on Friday (June 30).

“Katie’s security came out and started recording the men,” a source told The Sun. “Then police were called and went to the car to ask them what they were doing.”

When asked what they were doing the men replied: “We’re waiting for someone off the bus.” When it was pointed out they had been there for days, they reportedly added: “They still haven’t got off the bus.”

Katie moved out of Cruise’s New York apartment days before and into her own rented home in the Chelsea district and was “spooked” to find the Mercedes SUV that had been watching her at Tom’s apartment were outside of her new place.

“About three days before the divorce was announced a Mercedes SUV was sitting outside Tom’s apartment in Greenwich Village,” a source told The Sun. “They were sat about a hundred yards from the house — a couple of suspicious-looking characters in sunglasses.

“When Katie came out they tried to discreetly follow her. It was obvious they weren’t paparazzi or Press.

“They looked like former military or police and were carrying a small pocket digital camera. Then when it emerged Katie had rented a new place in the Chelsea area they were watching that too.”

The Dawson’s Creek star allegedly fears that the church that her husband is heavily involved in, The Church of Scientology, is keeping tabs on her in the wake of the divorce, a claim which they have denied.

One of the key reasons behind the split is believed to have been the 49 year-old actor’s commitment to the cult and Katie’s fear that their daughter Suri would be brought up within it.

Gary Soter, a spokesperson for Scientology told TMZ: “The Church of Scientology is not following Katie or conducting surveillance on her in the wake of her divorce with Tom Cruise.”