Kate Middleton Topless Photos ‘Were Like A Dagger Through The Royal Couple’

Prince William reportedly feels like he has “let down” his wife Kate Middleton, after topless photos of the Duchess were splashed across numerous tabloids when they were snapped on a private holiday to France.

The couple, who had been spending time in France at a relative’s grand château when the pictures were taken and later published in six different countries, labelled them “grotesque” with Prince William angry at the attack on his wife.

A statement released on behalf of the couple, shortly before the pictures were published two weeks ago in French Closer magazine, showed the ferocity of William’s anger according to Jennie.

“The Palace has come out with all guns blazing, calling the photos ”grotesque, unjustifiable and unthinkable’,” she revealed to Now magazine.

“He’s incandescent. He will feel he’s let Kate down – and she’ll no doubt feel she has let the Royal Family down.”

The episode will be a chilling reminder for the Prince of the death of his beloved mother Diana, Princess of Wales, who died in a car accident in Paris in 1997 while being pursued by paparazzi.

“It brings back some unwelcome memories for William of how his mother lived – and died: pursued everywhere by prying eyes,” Jennie claimed. “Although he’s never been able to forgive the way his mother was hounded by paparazzi, he’s accepted that he has to work with the press.”

“Now he will feel utterly betrayed, all the more so because it’s Kate who’s been hurt – the woman he adores and vowed to protect.”

BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond has claimed the intimate snaps will be a “dagger” to the heart of the couple who were midway through their Diamond Jubilee tour to East Asia when they were taken.

“Just when it was going so well, these pictures will be like a dagger through the heart for Prince William.”

The royal couple have already had the photographs banned in France where they were originally published and have begun both criminal and civil legal proceedings over the incident.

“More than anything. [Prince William] will not forgive or forget this latest intrusion,” Bond added.