Justin Bieber Teases Fans With Song Previews Ahead Of ‘Journals’ Album Release (LISTEN) 

Justin Bieber has been teasing fans ahead of the release of his upcoming album ‘Journals’, posting short snippets of the tracks ‘Swap It Out’, ‘One Life’ and ‘What’s Hatnin” on his Instagram account.

After ten weeks of releasing new music in his Music Mondays project, Bieber has wowed fans with three short snippets of tracks from his upcoming studio album.

Justin has shared three short clips from ‘Journals’ via Instagram (Instagram/Justin Bieber)

The ‘Baby’ singer promised his 47 million Twitter followers that this week would be a “big” one before sharing the clips on his Instagram. The three tracks will be joined on the album by his various Music Monday singles, including ‘PYD’, a collaboration with R Kelly, and the emotional ballad ‘Change Me’. ‘Journals’ will also include two more unheard songs.

While devoted Beliebers are busy debating which track they love most, Justin has already picked his favourite, writing on Instagram that ‘Swap It Out’ is his “favourite”. ‘Swap It Out’ – the first track posted by Biebs – looks like it will take it a romantic tone. “Open up to me its all you gotta do, / Give me all your heart, I’ll swap mine up with you,” croons Justin in the Instagram snippet.

‘One Life’ continues the romance theme, with Justin singing: “You only have one life, / And I only wanna live it with you” while the final track ‘What’s Hatnin” features rapper Future, is a more upbeat attempt. Beliebers have already taken to Twitter to share their excitement over the new previews, with @jordannjayden writing: “Seriously can’t wait for journals, all the previews sounds so good!”

Justin recently completed a tour of South American (WENN)

Justin is currently busy promoting his upcoming concert movie ‘Believe’, which hits cinemas in the US on Christmas Day. The ‘Beauty And A Beat’ singer has stayed true to his promise of a busy week by also releasing a new trailer for the film and turning up unannounced at an advance screening of the film to hand out Christmas gifts to fans.

‘Journals’ will be available to purchase of iTunes between December 3 and January 2, fans who have already bought the Music Mondays will be able to use ‘Complete My Album’ to nab the remaining songs at a reduced price.


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