Justin Bieber Reveals Phobia Of Dirty Hands

Justin Bieber has revealed that he suffers from a phobia of touching dirty hands.

The ‘Boyfriend’ hitmaker, who performed at the Billboard Music Awards last night, meets hundreds of fans a day, and has millions around the world who would give up almost anything to touch him – but, if you’ve got dirty hands – you’re his worst nightmare.

Justin, 18, is an automysophobic, and is obsessed with keeping his hands clean. He even has to carry a special wash cloth to make sure his mits are clean all of the time.

“I hate getting sticky stuff on my hands,” he told The Sunday Times magazine. “I hate getting sticky stuff on my hands. I’ve always had, like, a phobia – not a phobia, but if I get stuff on my hands, I have to have a washcloth to wash my hands because it’s just so annoying.”

It sounds as if Justin and girlfriend Selena Gomez might have hit a bit of a rough patch recently, with the ‘Baby’ singer cryptically tweeting messages about ‘moving on’, so if you’re determined to become his next love – make sure you have clean hands!