John Mayer Makes First Post Surgery Performance – Has Katy Perry Energised Him?

In a town of love drama, John Mayer and Katy Perry are said to have one of the most up and down relationships in Hollywood – but John Mayer’s recent performance after a throat surgery suggests that Katy is giving him the inspiration he needs as a singer.

According to Yahoo OMG!, the pair enjoyed a romantic spa weekend in California just before John performed his first gig for 10 months.

John underwent vocal chord surgery in September and was forced to cancel his tour last march.

However, he organised and performed at last night’s charity gig, which helped fire fighters who tackled a massive fire in Montana last year.

John recently accompanied Frank Ocean on guitar on Saturday Night Live, but didn’t use his voice. Last night he performed ‘Speak For Me’ from the album Born And Raised, to the delight of fans.

John is famed for his seductive voice, which has helped him get linked to high profile hotties including Taylor Swift and Jennifer Aniston. However, we hope that for the time being, his heart belongs to Katy, as they make a very cute couple indeed.