Jennifer Aniston: From Smalltown Girl To Hollywood Bride

As Jennifer Aniston’s wedding to Justin Theroux draws ever closer, her childhood friends have begun to step forward to reveal exactly what the Friends star was like before she was famous.

And, unsurprisingly, the general consensus was that she was a “very sweet” girl.

The Mail Online have taken it upon themselves to head on over to Eddystone, the town where Jen once lived with her grandmother, and locate her childhood friends in order to paint a picture of how the celebrated actress was before the fame and fortune.

Deli owner and her childhood friend George Fotiades, who is apparently still a friend of the family, decided to spill the beans on Jen’s eating habits:

“She was a sweetheart. Cute as a button… As a child yeah, she definitely ate here, they [Jennifer and her cousins] would always stop in.”

“She liked the cheese steaks. She was a cute kid, she was never like chubby or anything.”

Close gal pal Lisa, on the other hand, revealed a bit more about Jennifer Aniston’s Greek heritage:

“She was exactly like she is now, very sweet, very good-natured. Hysterically funny.”

“We used to go to a lot of the Greek Orthodox fairs. She used to come and do a lot of sleepovers at my house and I would sleepover at her house. Her grandmother was a really interesting old Greek lady who used to make Baklava for us.”

And, while the two may no longer be friends, Lisa admitted she felt a pang for her old bestie when Brad Pitt left Jennifer for Angelina Jolie:

“I was actually very sad for her when they split… And I really felt bad for her with all the years she was floundering around looking for Mr Right. I’m really happy she’s found somebody. It seems to me that they seem happy together and I hope this is it for her, I really do.”

Old friend Tina also wishes Jennifer Aniston the best, although she did wistfully suggest that it might be nice for Jen and Justin to hold their nuptials in Ms. Aniston’s old hometown:

“She was just such a sweet kid, we would be proud, the town would be proud. And it probably would bring a lot back to Eddystone, because it has fallen a lot since our days.”

“Especially since it was her grandparents church, because that’s how Eddystone was it was family-orientated, and it would be great to see her come back for that.”

So, in short, it seems as if Jennifer Aniston was (to coin a catchphrase) a very sweet, very ordinary girl who grew up away from the glare of Hollywood’s lights – and all of those who knew her in the past wish her well with her future husband, Justin Theroux.