It’s War! Demi Moore And Ashton Kutcher Get Ready For Big Divorce Battle

It is a divorce that, let’s face it, that everyone suspected was not going to be settled quietly, privately and amicably, so it comes as no surprise to hear that the battle between and Ashton Kutcher is about to get messy.

The estranged couple called time on their six year marriage in November 2011 and Ashton filed divorce papers in December last year, with Demi following suit this month.

She is seeking financial support from the Two and a Half Men star and because the couple didn’t have a pre-nuptial agreement, the actress is hoping for a large sum because Ashton made so much money during their marriage.

In happier times: But friends close to Ashton Kutcher ad Demi Moore predict their divorce battle might get nasty (WENN)

But with money being the main disagreement between the two, friends supect that their divorce battle could get nasty.

“They are both out for as much as they can get,” a friend told Grazia. “It’s likely to be a pretty big battle.”

Many thought that the couple would end their marriage amicably and in private but having failed to reach a compromise, some are now suggesting that they would be willing to tell-all in a public hearing.

“It seems Demi was tired of the negotiations going nowhere,” an insider revealed. “They couldn’t agree on so many things. Up until now Demi, hasn’t really said anything about what happened, but there are rumours that in the divorce proceedings she could use information about Ashton linking him to other women.”

And the source added that if that is the case, then Ashton, who is now dating , would have no problem revealing details of Demi’s “deteriorating behaviour and wild partying”, which may harm Demi’s chances of walking away with a fatter bank account than she has now.

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