‘It’s Called Puberty’ Miley Cyrus Talks About Drastic Transformation

Miley Cyrus has admitted she is embracing her new adult fashion style by trying to get rid of her “Disney” image.

The ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ singer has been under the limelight recently with her radical transformation, which many people have criticised but Miley thinks it’s part of growing up.

“It’s called puberty. Everyone’s done it from the beginning of time,” Miley explained in an interview with close pal Kelly Osbourne for Fashion Police.

She added, “I’m just doing it [in the spotlight] so you’re zooming in on it and you’re fascinated by it.

“I don’t think people understand how I’m a real human being.”

Ever since Miley had her hair chopped off, the 20-year-old has been taunted by insults from some quarters, some even questioned her sexuality, to which the singer hit back “being called a lesbian is a compliment”.

The former Hannah Montana star and her So Undercover co-star also talked about how their celebrity reputation can be used for good causes. For example, her Marc Jacobs’ Protect the Skin You’re In t-shirt – all money raised goes to cancer research.

“I think if I can just use where I am in my career and use myself as a pedestal to do good — even if it means getting naked, ’cause more people are gonna look at it,” she continued.