‘I’m Never Coming Back’: Justin Bieber Vows To Quit The UK For Good?

Justin Bieber has allegedly vowed never to return to British shores after a controversial two week stay that culminated in a volatile clash with a paparazzo photographer outside his hotel.

The 19-year-old singer had to be physically restrained by one of his minders after leaping out of a waiting chauffeur driven ride to attack the photographer on Friday (March 8).

The heated exchange took place as Justin, dressed in a red woolly hat and matching sweater, sauntered out of his luxurious suite at the Park Lane Hotel and forced his way through a scrum of waiting cameramen – prompting one to yell in anger after being roughly pushed aside.

As the incident simmered down, The Daily Record claim he was heard screaming “I am never coming back here” while his driver attempted to calm him.

The clash was just the latest in a string of controversial episodes during what has turned into a disastrous two-week stay in the UK while he fulfils the British leg of his world tour.

Fans resorted to booing their idol last Monday after he was two-hours late for his own concert at London’s O2 – an incident that prompted two of his backstage team to quit.

“Justin was acting like such a diva two of his team stormed out insisting they were going back to the US,” said a source. “They refused to be spoken to like that by a boy half their age.

“Justin was all over the place when he arrived. He’d failed to show up for sound checks earlier and knew how late he was but didn’t seem to care. He kept saying, ‘I’ll go on when I’m ready – my fans will wait.’

Three days later Biebs was at it again, this time keeping fans waiting for three-hours at a scheduled meet-and-greet, also at the O2.

One aggrieved fan, who paid £330 to meet the Canadian singer, later admitted that she spent a ‘disappointing’ 15-seconds with her idol following the unexpected delay.

Later that night he appeared to double over mid-way through a performance at the same venue, forcing him to abandon his set mid-way through and receive medical attention backstage.

Despite a string of setbacks, Justin has praised his British fanbase on Twitter, describing them as ‘the best in the world.’

His tour leaves the UK today for a show in Lisbon, before working its way through mainland Europe and Asia.