Ian Somerhalder ‘Wins Fifty Shades Of Grey, Christian Role’

He may have played down his chances of the role, but if it were up to you Ian Somerhalder would already be stocking up on bondage gear in preparation for the taking the part of Christian Grey in the movie version of ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’, as he took victory in our poll.

The Vampire Diaries star picked up an incredible 27% of the vote, a stonking victory over new Superman Henry Cavill with just 15%.

Even Hollywood heavyweight and bookies’ favourite Ryan Gosling could only manage 13% as Somerhalder trounced his rivals. ‘Twilight’ star Robert Pattinson could only manage a measily 6%, while Aleksander Skarsgard and Matt Bomer came fourth and fifth respectively with 10 and 8%

Propping up the field was Zac Efron, whose clean-cut persona you thought wrong for the part. He only managed 3%.

Somerhalder is thought to be the favourite of screenwriter Brett Easton Ellis, so you may just get your wish!

Just last week you, the Entertainmentwise readers decided that Mila Kunis should take on the role of Anastacia Steele, the college graduate who enters into a sex contract with Grey.

There we have it then, if producers and casting directors are listening, then it’s Ian Somerhalder and Mila Kunis for the leads in ’50 Shades Of Grey’: The Movie.

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