‘I Want To Slap Them’: Paris Hilton Leaks CCTV Footage Of Bling Ring Robbery At Her Home

Wealthy heiress Paris Hilton has shared the CCTV footage of the traumatic moment her house was robbed by Hollywood’s feared ‘Bling Ring’ gang, who broke into a number of celebrity homes between 2008-09.

The reality star is one of a host of celebs who had their possessions stolen from their homes by the gang, actors Orlando Bloom and Lindsay Lohan also fell victims to the thieves.

The group of young burglars stole a reported £1.9million worth of goods when they were active, and are the inspiration behind director Sofia Copolla’s new movie, The Bling Ring, which stars Harry Potter actress Emma Watson.

The socialite shared the video of the gang in action on Pheed.com. The footage shows the thieves in action, breaking in to the Paris’ home and then fleeing with armfuls of stolen goods.

Below the video, Paris wrote the caption: “Surveillance video of the real (Bling Ring) thieves from the security cameras in my house on the night of one of the many burglaries. (Dirty rotten thieves.)”

Paris at The Bling Ring premiere with boyfriend River Viiperi (WENN)

The new movie based on the events has filmed several scenes inside the reality star’s home. When speaking about her reaction to the film, Paris told New York Magazine: “I was really emotional watching it. During some parts of it I wanted to cry. I knew what happened with the burglaries, but I had never actually seen it – so watching it happen, I was like, ‘oh my God, this really happened to me. These kids were really in my house and did this to me.”

Despite the robberies happening between 2008-09, it would seem that Paris is still reeling over the attacks, where the thieves helped themselves tp an alleged $2million worth of her jewellery. “It’s so violating. It just made me really angry and upset, and when I see these kids, I want to, like, slap them.”

After the gang allegedly broke into the 32-year-olds home six times, we don’t blame you Paris!