Helen Flanagan Reveals She’s Become A Strict Vegan – With A Penchant For Hamburgers

Helen Flanagan has announced that she has started following a strict vegan diet. So maybe someone should tell her that hamburgers are a big no-no then!

The former Coronation Street actress has decided to become a vegan, which means cutting out meat, dairy and all other animal by-products from her diet.

It’s clearly a bid to get fit and healthy and look after herself, which we applaud her for.

Helen Flanagan said she’s started a strict vegan diet – with a hamburger chucked in here and there (WENN)

But it would seem that either Helen hasn’t been explained the rules of veganism – or she wants the best of both worlds.

Speaking to the Sun, she said she had started a vegan diet and was following a plan designed by Green Goodness Life nutritionist Mel Wells.

Well, sort of. Not really. At all.

She said: “I’ve been really, really good at times but it is hard. Every now and then I just need a burger!

“But I want to be good and I have been… more or less.”

Er, that’ll be less then, Hels! Wonder if she’s run her not-so-strict diet past Ms Wells yet?

We suspect not.

Mind you, Helen might want to get her act together, especially if the reports are true that she is in talks to star on the next series of Strictly Come Dancing.

According to the Sun, she has been targeted by BBC bosses who are willing to offer her a big sum to take part.

And as it helps to be super-trim and healthy, we suggest leaving the bacon cheeseburgers alone for a while!