Geri Halliwell ‘Attacks’ Katy Perry: ‘She Couldn’t Handle Russell Brand’

Geri Halliwell might have been dating Russell Brand for five minutes, but according to sources close to the star she has already been boasting about how well the couple are suited and how she is more of a match for the famous lothario than his ex-wife Katy Perry.


The couple, whose romance was sparked when the pair performed together at the London Olympic Closing Ceremony earlier this summer, is said to have got serious quickly, with Geri allegedly claiming she knows how Russell “ticks” unlike the ‘Firework’ singer.

Katy was married to the comedian and well-known lothario for just 14 months, barely making it past their first anniversary before calling in quits in December last year, but Geri reckons her and Russ won’t suffer the same fate because Katy “didn’t have a clue” about dating the star.

According to Now magazine the Spice Girl claims she is perfectly suited to the mouthy star, a source claimed: “She says Katy didn’t have a clue how to handle Russ because she didn’t have the patience or maturity to understand him.”

They added: “Geri says she’s perfect for him because they’re both quite emotionally complex.

“She knows what she wants – but she’s made mistakes before.”

The 40 year-old acknowledged the relationship earlier this week, claiming that it had been a “whirlwind” romance. Russ’ friends are all for the couple, with Gorden Rael telling Now they’re a “good match.”

“He hasn’t had much luck with US women, so it makes sense that he’d return to his own country,” he said of the 37 year-old. “All of his friends know Ginger was his favourite Spice Girl.

“Plus, they’re both clean-living – it’s a good match,” he added.

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