Gabby Douglas Tells Oprah: “I Was Bullied By Other Gymnasts”

After winning the gold at the London Olympics, Gabby Douglas sat down for an interview with Oprah Winfrey where the gymnast revealed the reason she wanted to quit gymnastics.

In a sneak preview from Oprah’s show Oprah’s Next Chapter, Douglas, 16, and her mom, Natalie Hawkins, discuss with the talk show queen the Olympian’s experience being bullied in the sport of gymnastics.

“When she was 14, she said, ‘I’d rather quit,” Hawkins said of her daughter. “’If I can’t move and try and get another coach, I’d rather quit the sport.’”

The 4-foot-11-inch member of the Fierce Five elaborates on how she felt being taunted by other gymnasts.

“I felt being bullied and isolated from the group,” Douglas explains. “Just, they treated me, not how they treated their other teammates.”

Other celebrities who have been victims of bullying in the past include Emma Watson, Lady Gaga, Christina Hendricks and Dakota Fanning.

You can watch the click below: