From William Hartnell To Peter Capaldi: Doctor Who’s Changing Fashion

Doctor Who might all be about time traveling and saving the world from disaster, but has anyone looked at the importance of the Time Lord’s attire? No? Well we’ve done it for you.

The Time Lord started off dressing a tad eccentric – did no one ever tell William Hartnell that stripes and checked squares never ever go together? But he took a suave turn when John Pertwee took over as the Doctor.

Peter Davidson gave his incarnation of the Doctor a more sporty look whilst Christopher Eccleston decided to give the Time Lord a bit of a makeover with a leather jacket. But the smartly dressed Doctor returned when Matt Smith strolled on in a purple suit complete with a bow tie.

And now Peter Capaldi has put his own spin on the character in a very smart blue suit.

So take a look at each of the Doctor’s fashion trends in order of their incarnation!

1. William Hartnell 1963 – 1966


2. Patrick Troughton 1966 -1969


3. Jon Pertwee 1970 – 1974

4. Tom Baker 1974 – 1981


5. Peter Davison 1981 – 1984


6. Colin Baker 1984 – 1986

7. Sylvester McCoy 1987- 1989


8. Paul McGann 1996


9. Christopher Eccleston 2005


10. David Tennant 2005 – 2010


11. Matt Smith 2010 – 2013


12. Peter Capaldi 2014 –