Ewan McGregor Joins Twitter

Ewan McGregor, star of Salmon Fishing In The Yemen and Star Wars Episodes I – III, has finally jumped on the Twitter bandwagon!

Ewan McGregor fans were delighted yesterday when the usually reclusive star unveiled his brand-new Twitter persona, McGregor_Ewan.

And it seems as if the actor has a very good reason for getting stuck into the world of social networking – he’s trying to raise awareness for UNICEF, a charity he has been affiliated with for some time.

It’s nice to see a celebrity using their powers for good rather than tacky self-promotion, isn’t it?

However, in the spirit of all things Twitter-based, Ewan has also been treating his fans to a sneak peek into his personal life!

From using Twitter to let fans feel a part of his travels around Korea, to promoting  his best friend’s new television series, Ewan’s really got stuck into the Twitter society.

Our favourite moment was when he introduced us to one of his loved ones…

An esteemed actor with a charitable motive and a cute dog? Could Ewan McGregor be our favourite new Twitterer?

Only time will tell…