Desperate Times? Lindsay Lohan’s Lawyer ‘Relying On Psychic And Luck To Help Legal Woes’

She’s facing legal cases in both Los Angeles and New York following a string of run ins with the law but according to Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer Mark Jay Heller, the troubled star’s future is looking up as a psychic has told the actress 2013 will be “extremely lucky”.

The lawyer made the claims yesterday following a court appearance in New York yesterday regarding charges of misdeameanor assault following a fight in a Manhattan nightclub last year.

Heller, who arrived in a luxury Rolls Royce for the appearance, appeared to be banking on good luck to get his client through the case and even had a white rabbit leg hanging off his Louis Vuitton brief case.

While relying on luck and psychics to get Lilo out of her string of legal scrapes, a hearing for parole violation in Los Angeles is set for tomorrow, might not seem like the best plan Heller is convinced his client has nothing to worry about.

He told reporters outside of court: “Ironically a physic fortune teller has predicted that the year 2013 will be an extremely lucky year for Lindsay Lohan.

“And with her spectacular talent and great looks I believe that all she really needs is a bit of luck.”

Perhaps not breaking the law would help as well? Lilo was arrested following the scrap on November 29 and though she was charged with third degree misdemanor assault, Heller is convinced the case will be dropped, claiming the ‘Mean Girls’ star is the real victim.

He added: “[Lindsay] a victim of someone trying to capture their 15 minutes of fame.”

According to the MailOnline though, the district attorney’s office has confirmed investigation into the incident is continuing despite Heller’s belief the case will be dropped.

The actress didn’t appear in court in New York. Her lawyer is expected in court tomorrow at a probation violation hearing in Los Angeles.

Lindsay’s probation was revoked in December following after motor offences following an incident last June broke the terms of her probation for jewellery theft.