Chris And Liam Hemsworth To Star In Comedy Flick Together?

Luke Hemsworth, the older brother of Hollywood stars Chris and Liam has announced that the trio have big plans to star in a movie together.

The former Neighbours star was the first of the brothers to find fame on Ramsay Street, but then quit acting in favour of running a timber-flooring company.

Now, seeing the success of his brother Chris as ‘Thor’ in his own movie, and also in ‘Avengers Assemble’, as well as Liam’s blockbuster success in ‘The Hunger Games’, Luke is now super-keen to get back in the game and has just landed a role in Bikie Wars: Brothers In Arms.

Talking to Entertainment Weekly, the eldest Hemsworth brother said: “That would be the goal – finding the right project that all of us can fit into. Try to do something funny.”

Would you like to see all the Hemsworths in one movie together? That might be one combo that our blood pressure can’t handle!