Ashlee Simpson Drunk And Disorderly In Toronto

Those Simpson girls, they just can?t stay out of the headlines, whether it be for failing to sing live, the state of their marriages they are always good for tabloid fodder.

But whereas Jessica Simpson does any thing to protect her good girl image it seems that Ashlee Simpson?s rock chick image has spilled over into her real life.

The lip synch singer was filmed in a McDonald?s in Toronto on Wednesday drunk and being abusive to staff there.

Ashlee appeared at the restaurant around 1.30am and allegedly became extremely angrey  when staff tried to stop her from climbing over the counter.

Absoloutly plastered younger Simpson proceeded to swear at a female employee calling her a ?bitch?, she then demanded to see the manager of the restaurant.

As she tried again to climb up on the service counter she was heard saying: “Oh please get the manager, I would love to talk to the manager.”

Later when a fan asked to have her picture taken with the ?singer? Ashlee told her to ?kiss her foot? and then said ?fuck you? when the fan failed to do her bidding according to the New York Post.

A male friend who was with Ashlee at the time was heard saying: “She’s okay, it’s cool?don’t worry.”

She continued asking for he manager and said to an employee: “I promise your manager will be nice to me.”

The employee replied: “I don’t think so.”

“I bet you he will,” she replied. “I bet you five million dollars!”

A witness to Ms Simpson?s drunk behaviour said: “Ashlee seemed out of it. Looking at her kind of sobered us up quickly as she looked bad.

“She was swaying, staggering and could hardly stand.

“She kept leaning over the counter and her head was rocking.

“She had ordered French fries but the staff at the McDonald’s were not happy with the way she was behaving.

“I heard her call the staff member a ‘bitch’ and then said ‘I am a nice person.’

“It was awful to hear a young girl acting this way but she seemed out of control.

“She was swearing at other people and at one point told someone waiting in the queue ‘fuck you.’

“People don’t need to hear that kind of language and those who knew who she was couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

“She was a joke and the vibe she was giving off was I’m a star and I can do what I like.?

She seems like a really very nice person doesn?t she, her new album ?I Am Me? is out now, don?t buy it.