Angelina Jolie’s Leg Gets Spoof Twitter Account

A Twitter user has set up a spoof account for Angelina Jolie’s right leg after she showed it off with a series of poses at last night’s Academy Awards.

The famous limb has become one of the biggest talking points of the 2012 Oscars, thanks to the actress’ black velvet Atelier Versace dress with a dramatic slit at the thigh.

Anyone else feeling bad for the left leg?

The Academy revealed: “Angelina Jolie’s appearance got a LOT of people talking – 3,399 tweets per minute about her in fact.”

With more than 11,000 followers already, the parody account for the leg posted a series of tweets such as “You have to admit I’m one hell of a leg”, “I’m a leg, get a load of me!!”, “I’m over here!!!!” and “Look at me!”.

Speaking on Daybreak, her father Jon Voight said: “She comes out and does this pose and waits until people get it, it was so great. The audience responded so wonderfully too, with whistles and everything.

“And then she laughed and took it in and went on with her speech. So who knows? You can never tell about these moments that pop up out of a show like this.”

Want to follow Angie’s leg for yourself? Head over to @angiesrightleg – and don’t forget to follow @areyouentwise while you’re at it.

Co-incidentally there is also an account for Angie’s left leg – but it only has 23 followers at this exact moment.

It’s been reported that Jolie and partner Brad Pitt toasted the Oscars by getting his parents drunk.

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