Angelina Jolie For Tell-All Documentary About Lesbian Past?

As an actress, humanitarian and general source of drama, Angelina Jolie must have a few stories to tell. And according to OK! Magazine, she’s planning to.

According to the publication, Angelina “plans to produce a documentary on her own life”, covering every identity “from Hollywood brat bullied for being skinny, to international superstar and humanitarian – including two marriages, a lesbian affair, substance abuse and self mutilation.”

Phew! It sounds like the sort of viewing that would require a bumper box of popcorn and a very comfy seat. So why would she make the movie in the first place? OK! reports that an insider told them “she hopes people will see she’s simply human and makes mistakes.”

The insider added “Brad suggested that she would be the most fascinating subjecty to focus on. She wasn’t sure that she wanted to open up that way, but Brad persuaded her that by sharing her struggles, she’d be able to help a lot of people.”

However, Gossip Cop report that they think the provenance of the story is dubious – with a different source telling them “this is 100 per cent false”.

We’re not sure that Angelina would want to make a documentary about her life – but if she did, we’d love to watch it. We imagine that it might not be family viewing though – so she might leave the kids at home!