A ‘Bizarre Coincidence’: Man Called Barton Simpson Appears Before Judge Burns In Court

If you’re a fan of cartoon The Simpsons, you’ll know how bizarre a turn of events it was that a man named Barton Simpson stood trial at Warwick Crown Court on Wednesday in front of a judge called Mr Recorder Burns.

Those involved in the trial may have questioned whether they were actually in Springfield, the setting for FOX’s animated sitcom which was created by Matt Groening and features the voice of Hank Azaria, as both Bart Simpson and Mr Burns.

However, despite Homer Simpson’s 10-year-old son Bart being renowned for his mischievous behaviour, it was declared by Judge Burns that the real life Simpson had in fact made an “honest mistake” when he carried a .38 Smith and Wesson revolver in his hand luggage while attempting to board a flight at Birmingham airport to Croatia on May 31 last year.

“It was a very stupid thing you did. You must be punished for it, but I think you can be dealt with by way of a community order”, the Judge ordered leniently, unlike his fictional counter-part who has a reputation as an evil owner of a nuclear power plant.

Walk Of Fame: Simpsons creator Matt Groening stands on his star (FayesVision/WENN)

The names definitely didn’t go unnoticed, and the case did “raise eyebrows” in the courtroom a perplexed court worker confessed.

“It’s a bizarre coincidence that Bart Simpson is actually on trial in front of Mr Burns but it’ll proceed as any other criminal case would.”

Non-fictional (and non-yellow) Simpson was sentenced to 140 hours community service and told to pay the £80 legal costs.

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