8 inspiring movies for students

How many times in college have you felt inspired and motivated with what you are doing? Probably, the number of these moments is really small and for a good reason. College is not meant for fun: no matter how excited you are at first, when you get pressed with tight deadlines and a never-ending line of home assignments, you lose hope and motivation to study while your initial goals start looking blurry. In this case, you have two options: first, send a request «Please, do my science homework for me» to one of the online professional services to delegate the part of your work. The second option is to try finding motivation by getting inspired by great stories and movies. In this guide, we have eight great recipes to bring it back.

Top movies to bring back your motivation to study

All students undergo high pressure caused by multiple projects, deadlines and responsibilities, so there is no wonder that they don`t feel engaged into studying. While you can always ask your groupmates «Whom can I pay to do my assignment?» to decrease your workload, this is just a temporary decision that will not help to get your interest back. What does help is watching someone else achieving great results and overcoming difficulties. Some movies make us laugh; some tell great stories, while some motivate us to go out of the box and learn more.

On this list, you can find eight movies delivering a strong inspirational message:

1. Dead Poets Society

This is an old movie with a talented actor Robin Williams starring, but it is still so good that it makes students all over the world watch it with their eyes wide open. The plot is rather simple: a teacher of literature tries to help his students not only express their opinion the right way but also become more confident and respect themselves. He motivates them to change their lives by triggering poetry interest;

2. The Social Network

Who doesn’t know about this movie? We bet you at least heard of the story on how young Mark Zuckerberg established his startup in college and named it The Facebook. The movie has received tremendous success and already changed the lives of many young people, so it’s a must-watch for every student. You will know how Mark came up with his idea, who helped him in its realization and what he ended up with. Maybe this movie will inspire you to create your own startup: why not?

3. Theory of Everything

Another famous person that everybody has heard about is Stephen Hawking (even if you are not into science, you have probably heard about him a lot in The Big Bang Theory TV series). This person is a legend: he is a great astrophysicist and his works about black holes have made a huge impact in the scientific community. However, his personal life was not so bright. The movie describes relationships between Steven and his wife whom he met in Cambridge and all problems and challenges they went through;

4. Forrest Gump

This movie is a must-watch for everyone who thinks that he/she is not able to overcome all difficulties and challenges in their lives. The movie describes a great slow-witted boy named Forrest. It was hard for him to make friends, and no matter how hard his mother tried, he was still bullied. Thus, he had to learn how to run very-very fast. After graduation Forrest becomes a soldier and falls in love with… You`d better watch it to the end;

5. Mona Lisa Smile

The main character played by Julia Roberts after graduation gets the job of an art history teacher at a conservative private school. The girl is ambitious, and her looks are modern, so she passionately starts fighting for women liberation influencing her female students. She helps girls to see women in the world with a fresh look;

6. The School of Rock

Inspiring movies are not always sad and challenging: for example, this one is fun and engaging. It tells a story of a desperate musician that becomes a teacher in the elite school and tries to bring back good old days of glory. Dewey helps children develop their musical talents in a new and not conservative approach;

7. The Ron Clark Story

A school teacher lives in a small town and inspires his students to dream and set goals even if these goals seem not realistic. Ron decides to move to New York to work in a more prestigious school, but it becomes really hard. After being declined several times, he comes up with innovative methods of teaching and gets a job, but…receives trouble students. Is he going to give up or win?

8. Good Will Hunting

A young boy works as a janitor at famous MIT and lives in a small apartment constantly fighting with his friends. One professor creates a post in social networks challenging his students to solve a complex Math Problem. Guess who solved the task?