7 Terrible Celebrity Makeup Disasters!

Makeup doesn’t always go totally right: lipstick can get smudged, beauty trends can be horribly misleading and sometimes makeup artists just do a bad job. For whatever the reason, these 7 stars have all stepped out with big makeup disasters on show all over their faces! From weird white powder messes that stand out from their normal complexions to horrible eyeshadows, unflattering lip shades or some other strange beauty disaster, these 7 celebrities have all suffered big makeup malfunctions that wasn’t the glamorous look they probably thought they had. From Christina Aguilera’s neon orange glow to Jennifer Lopez’s strangely ghost-like complexion, it’s clear that makeup can go wrong in many, many ways!

Catherine Zeta Jones

catherine zeta jones

Christina Aguilera

Eva Longoria
eva longoria

Jennifer Lopez
jennifer lopez

Mariah Carey

Nicole Kidman
nicole kidman

Sharon Stone
sharon stone