7 of the Ugliest Celebrity Tattoos Ever!

Inking their bodies with horrible tattoos, these 7 stars have some of the ugliest tattoos ever. Tasteless, tacky or just plain ugly, these tattoos don’t add anything to these celebrities and actually majorly detract from their good looks. From nude girls to self portraits, these horrible tattoos will never go away. Cheryl Cole was the latest celeb to destroy her flawless body with a giant rose tattoo which extends from the inner-reaches of her butt up her back and does little to flatter the normally gorgeous singer. Steve-O has his own face inked on his own back, which just looks utterly terrifying – there are plenty of other ugly stars too. Check them out below and comment on the ugliest!

Cheryl Cole

cherly cole

Ed Westwick
ed westwick

Jessica Alba
jessica alba

Justin Bieber
justin bieber

Scarlett Johnasson
scarlett johansson