7 Celebs Caught Giving the Middle Finger to the Paparazzi

Aren’t they just the rudest? These 7 celebrities have all shown their hate for being followed by the paparazzi in the most immature way possible: by flashing them their middle finger, and of course thus being caught on camera too! Some look really angry at the photographers for constantly following them around and they genuinely mean it as a big insult, while others take flipping the bird less seriously and seem to be joking or just having fun! It must be hard to be chased around by the paparazzi all of the time and these 7 stars have all shown they they don’t particularly enjoy constantly being monitored by those desperate for a photograph.



Lady Gaga


Gerard Butler

Justin Bieber
**EXCLUSIVE** Teen idol Justin Bieber shows how grown up he is by flipping the bird at photographers on his 17th birthday

Justin Timberlake

Katy Perry

Kristen Stewart

kristen stewart

Mickey Rourke
Exclusive - Mickey Rourke in London