7 Celebrities Who’ve Shown Off Their Tattoos on Instagram

Giving fans a up-close view of their fresh ink, these 7 celebrities have all shared or even debuted their new tattoos on Instagram, giving us a detailed peek at the words, phrases or artistic pieces they’ve opted to have permanently engraved on their bodies. Some are addicted to tattoos and seem to have a new one on a weekly basis – British model Cara Delevingne has recently accumulated several tattoos and often shares the results with her followers via Instagram. Singer Cheryl Cole showed off the full extent of her insane looking rose butt tattoo (what inspired her?) through her account, while Miley Cyrus is also a big fan of inking her always scantily-clad figure – she snapped a photo of her ‘Rolling Stone’ tattoo which is on the bottom of her feet. Check them out below!

Cara Delevingne


Cheryl Cole
cheryl cole

Ellie Goulding
ellie goulding

Justin Bieber

Jessie J
jessie j


Miley Cyrus