7 Celebrities Who’ve Had White Powder Makeup Disasters

Makeup may have the power to conceal, highlight and beautify but it doesn’t always go right – and when it goes wrong, it can  quickly turn in to a beauty disaster! These 7 celebrities have all had white powder accidents, putting too much loose powder on their faces which was either super obvious or just too much of a contrast to their natural skin tone, creating a frightening look instead of a flattering one! White powder is often dusted on to soak up shine and highlight in a flattering way, but too much can end up looking ridiculous and certainly some makeup artists have probably been fired over these bad applications. While it might look normal in a dull light, the second you can see these stars properly it’s clear that their makeup just isn’t on correctly. Even ‘Mad Man’ actor Jon Hamm had a makeup malfunction, so even guys aren’t safe from this one!

Ashley Judd

ashley judd

Eva Longoria
eva longoria

Jon Hamm
jon hamm

Kellie Pickler
kellie pickler

Miley Cyrus

Nicole Kidman
nicole kidman

Teresa Palmer
Teresa Palmer