7 Celebrities Dressed Up for Halloween!

It’s that time of the year again – Halloween is officially upon us and so start planning your costume before it’s too late! Here is a look back at 7 celebrities dressed up for past Halloweens to take your inspiration from. These creative stars got their ideas from tv shows, films or simply just opted for a plain scary costume to keep it traditional! Some even took their inspiration from another celeb – last year, Miley Cyrus went as Nicki Minaj is a rather convincing bright costume. Another brilliant one was Drake’s “very nice” impression of Borat. Hilary Duff got artistic and created a skeleton face complete with gold sequin eyebrows and a crown of florals in her hair to finish off her corpse bride look. Take a peek at these 7 stars all ready for Halloween and prepare to get dressing up!




Hilary Duff
hilary duff

Jessica Alba
jessica alba

Lucy Hale
lucy hale

Miley Cyrus

Rachel Zoe