60-Year-Old Man Wakes Up From Operation, Finds He’s Been Circumcised

Imagine the shock: a 60-year-old man came round from an operation to find that he had been circumcised without prior permission.

David Duffy has been given £2,000 in compensation from Glasgow Royal Infirmary following the incident, as well as a pretty red-faced apology from the hospital. He reportedly woke up to find 11 stitches where he once had foreskin and, understandably, wasn’t best pleased.

He had actually been scheduled to have his penis straightened… and that procedure was, incidentally, successful. It was just the unwanted freebie that was the problem.

“My penis was bending to the left. It wasn’t painful but it didn’t look right,” David told The Sun. “I had an operation to straighten the bend. Nothing was ever said about circumcision.”

A spokesperson for NHS Greater Glasgow said it’s all been sorted and added: “If Mr Duffy has further concerns, we would be happy to look into them.”

Much as we’d love to rise above the cheap pun: what a cock-up.