6 of the Most Random Celebrity Dolls Ever

Celebrity dolls are pretty random at the best of times but here is a collection of some of the most random doll creations ever. While you might expect to find a Britney Spears or a Christina Aguilera doll, these ones flew way under the radar and are totally, well, pointless? Some shouldn’t be given to a child to play with because of how weird they are (disturbed for life!), and are probably more like collector’s items, for the truly ambitious collector who has everything else obviously. From Simon Cowell (why?) to Bindi Irwin, these random dolls are strange and baffling. Why do they exist, and who actually ever bought one of these?



Angelina Jolie

angelina jolie

Bindi Irwin
bindi irwin

Janet Jackson
janet jackson

Karl Lagerfeld (in pony form)
karl lagerfeld

Paul McCartney
paul mccartney

Simon Cowell
simon cowell