6 Must-Have Fall/Winter Essentials for Men

Want to look more put-together this fall? There are some classic items that are must-haves for men to complete the clothing overhaul as the weather becomes chilly. Instead of looking for a lot of choices to keep you warm this season, look for the right choices and don’t give up style.

When it is about wardrobe essentials, quality always wins. Especially if it is about keeping yourself warm, you do not necessarily have to look like you have been wrapped up with layers and layers of clothing. In fact, if you choose the right deal and the perfect quality, you don’t even need multiple layers to keep warm. Also, to keep up with your style statement, fill up your wardrobe with the right items and look perfect this winter!

Here you will learn about the 6 essential cold climate closet tips that will help you throughout the winters.

1.     Leather Jacket

No matter how much the style changes with time, a leather jacket is one classic item that will never go out of fashion. Talk about splurge-worthy items and you just cannot miss out leather jacket on the list. What once started as a functional piece of garment, which got popular in the First World War is now one of the most important closet items that you should pack up for the fall/winter season.

Leather jacket continued gaining popularity in 1970s by the punk movement and now is beloved by everyone. Don’t forget to check out the latest designs, colors and cuts to keep up with your style statement.

2.     Stylish Sweaters

Don’t even think about dropping this one out of your list. While some experts would suggest you to get rid of the pullovers from your everyday fall/winter wardrobe, when done right, nothing looks more refined and classy than sweaters.

It is time to change, not avoid. It can look extremely elegant if you are able to mix and match right. Most importantly, don’t forget the golden rule of skimming the silhouette. When you wear a classy sweater, it does not really matter if you are thin, fat, short, tall stocky or waif-like –just choose the perfect fitting so that it does not ride up.

3.     Overcoat

Whether you are trench lover or a mackintosh fan, you just cannot keep this stylish piece out of your wardrobe. Overcoats – over anything, just anything – looks superb. You don’t really have to decide your overall dressing when you decide to put an overcoat on top of it. However, proper suiting with a vibrant tie looks ideal with a dark-colored overcoat.

So regardless of who claims to be responsible for introducing this menswear essential, the classic khaki overcoat is a must-have for all stylish men out there. So don’t hesitate and splurge!

4.     Scarves

Whether you are a wool fan or you love to wrap cotton around your next, scarves can add to your style statement if you carry them smartly when the cold wind starts blowing. All in all, regardless of your preferences, there’s no way you can ignore the luxurious feel of cashmere and silk – so that’s also an option.

In addition to the fabric, also pay attention to the length of your scarf when getting one for your winter wardrobe. Get a length that is suitable for you as well as your neck size. Try different knots and looping methods and don’t forget to get a little creative with your scarves and their colors.

5.     Leather Gloves

With your neck toasty and warm in a luxurious scarf, your hands will definitely feel left out. Make sure you keep all your body parts warm and stylish at the same time. In order to make your mitts happy, get yourself a classy pair of leather gloves.

In addition to being the timeless menswear staple, they look great and serve the purpose of keeping your hands warm at the same time. As far as the shades are concerned, colors that are worth considering include deep brown, black, and grey. Get the perfect size and enjoy!

6.     Ankle Boots

Your winter wardrobe will not be completed until you have the perfect shoes for your feet as well! Last but not the least, stylish Clarks ankle boots for men is what you need to complete your winter wardrobe. They are absolutely essential when the winter time comes. As far as the perfect look of your shoes is concerned, keep it stylish with shoes that look more rugged to give you a masculine and tough look.

The best part is that these shoes can rock both dressed-up and dressed-down looks. So don’t worry about what you are wearing. These boots are essential!

Bottom Line

Ready to look hot as soon as the winter arrives? Then don’t forget to update your winter wardrobe following these golden tips!